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New post

2011-02-23 23:53:08 by Dawnslayer

I am making a new post because i got tired of looking at the old one. Move along, nothing to see here.

So much for my Flash skills

2010-03-04 22:46:24 by Dawnslayer

So it's been almost a year since I posted about a new Flash project. Guess how much of it got done? About a quarter. And it doesn't look like it's going to get finished anytime soon (if ever.)

So, I'm going to shift my focus to the new Art Portal. To anyone who happens to catch this while waltzing through the myriad other self-whoring news posts, I would like to know what you want to see. Webcomic, concept art, graphic design? You tell me.

Check out my as-yet unscouted piece for a sample of what I can do. 'Till next year.

New project (edited)

2009-04-12 04:52:26 by Dawnslayer

Okay, so I scrapped the re-do of Teen Ronin. After playing around with the idea in my head, it just stopped working. Apologies to everyone I've disappointed...oh, wait. No one. :P

Good news, though, is I'm cranking out a brand new storyboard, and actually making decent progress on it. Since no one here actually cares what I do yet, I'll just say that I hope to have the new project finished by June, barring interference from school and home. (Engineering degree--what was I thinking?) It'll be clean, simple, short and sweet; and I'll be sure to include sounds this time.

How do YOU do it?

2008-12-20 02:33:40 by Dawnslayer

So I noticed I had achieved a milestone of 100 blams today. Whoop dee do.

You know what else I've noticed? Blam and protection points seem to be inversely proportional to the number of quality Flashes produced by the same user. Check almost any popular user; even Tom doesn't rank very high in the ranks of the Portal Guard.

So I'm here asking: how do all of you do it? Where do you find the time, the resources, the motivation to make something great? What are you doing that I'm not?

And for those of you who are curious (which I doubt are many in number), I have been trying to improve on my original submission, not by adding sound to the same one, but by making a new, more streamlined episode based on the extra tricks and techniques I've picked up on since then. A new plotline buzzes around in my head as you sit here.

So please, do tell me how you manage to keep at it. I'd prefer to hear from fellow college students, since they'll have the best understanding of my own situation. With any luck, I'll have a brand new batting average before 2010.


My first attempt

2008-08-28 02:36:22 by Dawnslayer

I have officially submitted my first Flash to Newgrounds...and officially fallen flat on my face doing it.

"Teen Ronin" was my first Flash project, an animation I made in 2005 for my senior year graduation requirement. Basically it's just a guy fighting ninjas, and at some points it's kind of funny. And seeing as I haven't had time to do anything else since then, I figured, "Why not?"

Naturally, not many people cared for it. When I came back to check, I had scored a whopping 1.79--a score which honestly didn't surprise me. The main complaint was that there was no sound, which I knew was its major weak point; so that'll be the focus of whatever I submit next. (Note to self: buy a microphone.)

I'm actually somewhat pleased with how my first try turned out. I've seen worse reviews for better things, and of course better reviews for worse things. For a start, 1.79 doesn't seem all bad. So it's on to my first video project in...a long while, and we'll see if I can do better.