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My first attempt

2008-08-28 02:36:22 by Dawnslayer

I have officially submitted my first Flash to Newgrounds...and officially fallen flat on my face doing it.

"Teen Ronin" was my first Flash project, an animation I made in 2005 for my senior year graduation requirement. Basically it's just a guy fighting ninjas, and at some points it's kind of funny. And seeing as I haven't had time to do anything else since then, I figured, "Why not?"

Naturally, not many people cared for it. When I came back to check, I had scored a whopping 1.79--a score which honestly didn't surprise me. The main complaint was that there was no sound, which I knew was its major weak point; so that'll be the focus of whatever I submit next. (Note to self: buy a microphone.)

I'm actually somewhat pleased with how my first try turned out. I've seen worse reviews for better things, and of course better reviews for worse things. For a start, 1.79 doesn't seem all bad. So it's on to my first video project in...a long while, and we'll see if I can do better.


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2008-08-28 05:00:00

Good luck dude, just try to do better next time. Who knows? it might be on the front page if its Epic enough